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Chimes and their meanings

Every Engelsrufer chime enchants with its sounds and calls your guardian angel. Depending on their colour, the chimes will provide you with strength, passion, love, hope or self-confidence. The red chime in an Engelsrufer pendant gives its wearer love and strength, the green one implies hope and health, blue enhances concentration abilities and turquoise strengthens your self-confidence.

The nine main Engelsrufer colours

White: implies brilliant flawless, innocent, pure and immortal.
Green: is the colour of hope, health, balance and honesty.
Blue: brings change. It enhances responsibility and concentration.
Black: dominates the light, it is elegant and mysteriously strong.
Red: is the colour of warmth. It wakes up your passion, fire, strength and love.
Purple: strengthens independence and freedom of opinion while encouraging inner balance.
Rose: is soft and gentle, gives hope and calms during hard times.
Turquoise: implies inner balance and honesty. It promotes communicating abilities and strengthens your self-confidence.
Gold: is the colour of pure brilliance. It increases the well-being and inner radiance.

Six additional Engelsrufer colours

Brown: implies fertility. It wakes feelings coming from comfort and warmth in us.
Yellow: creates cheerfulness and happiness. The joy of life and optimism are evoked.
Orange: implies energy. Gives strength, self-esteem and encourages activity.
Pink: is the colour of strength of character. Dominance, self-confidence and a sense of style.
Grey: implies neutrality and wisdom. Smart decisions, a view of the wholeness and tolerance.
Mint: presents elegance, liveliness and sends out tranquillity.

Combination varieties

Depending on your outfit or mood, Engelsrufer pendants can be opened and their chimes exchanged individually. That's how the jewellery pieces match every look and become an individual companion. Besides the classic Engelsrufer, our versatile silver-jewellery collection offers other trendy pendants with exchangeable chimes: The Tear of Heaven gives its wearer timeless elegance. The Paradise shines in colourful tricolour. The Tree of Life and Eden are cleverly playful and uniquely beautiful. The combination of pendants and different coloured chimes are almost inexhaustible because the Engelsrufer pendants are as individual as their wearer with their exchangeable pendants which exist in 15 different colours.

The perfect gift

The unique Engelsrufer with its exchangeable chimes and their individual meanings are perfect gifts for any occasion. They serve as a lucky charm, guardian or just beautiful memory pieces.