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We all have dreams. The good ones slide right through the opening in the middle and down the feather. The bad ones, get caught and displaced by the sun.

Fatima´s Hand

Fatima´s hand gives you as a symbol of protection, infinite strength and keeps all evil away from you. She gives you eternal luck and blessing.

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Fatima´s Hand – your protective companion

Inspired by Islamic culture, beautiful Engelsrufers created pieces of jewellery that, as a talisman, keep away evil and protect their wearers. The hand of Fatima is an Islamic symbol of protection, which protects against the evil eye and dark forces. At the same time, it gives luck and strength. In the stone age, the open hand had protective and blessing meaning. Even today, it is especially worn as a pendant in silver on a chain a valuable talisman for Islamic women. Today, Fatima's hand has also arrived in the Western world as a fashion accessory and as a protective companion.

The detailed craftsmanship of the pendant is made in precise handwork and with great attention to detail made of 925 sterling silver. They are also available in rose gold and yellow gold plating to complement any outfit.

Sweet dreams with protective Dream Catchers

Native American influences are also reflected in the Engelsrufer collection. Beautiful dreamcatcher pendants in silver, rose and gold or in exciting bi-colours decorated with small feathers are the eye-catcher and make for sweet dreams. With a dreamcatcher as a talisman, all bad dreams are trapped in its web and are displaced by the rising sun. The beautiful dreams, however, are left through the opening in the middle and ensure a restful, deep sleep. But the detailed dreamcatchers and feathers do not only enchant as protective companions but they also are at the same time beautiful pieces of jewellery, which lends something special to summer looks.