Engravable jewellery

Important note: Some of our jewellery can be engraved individually. This service is not offered by Engelsrufer itself and must therefore be carried out externally.

Wear engravable jewellery close to your heart. Carry your family as close to your heart as possible. You get accompanied all day long with the love protection and support of your kids.

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My girl, my boy – the very special family collection

Nothing is stronger and more unconditional than a mother's love for her children. This concept is inspired by our Engelsrufer line of jewellery. It is a tradition in Spain, to carry your kids close to your heart in some kind of pendant around your neck. Taking inspiration from that, Engelsrufer launched a lovely family collection in 2018: MY GIRL, MY BOY.

With the filigree "my girl, my boy" mothers carry their children in the form of symbolic jewellery closer to the hearts. The subtle silver jewellery can be engraved with the children's names and worn individually or in combination with other necklaces. Whether for Mother's Day or just as a little attention – the charming pendant makes all mothers shine with happiness.

Little presents with big impact

What's more beautiful than jewellery with a personal message? Accessories, like our "my girl, my boy"-pendant, which can be individualised with personal engravings, are never out of style. They are beautifully timeless and always the perfect present or a wonderful piece of memory, which lets the hearts of all mothers beat faster.

The medallion - a loving souvenir

Inspired by different forms from a different time, Engelrufer reinterprets old pocket watches and creates beautiful vintage medallions. Their refreshingly timeless design makes them noble classics that add a touch of nostalgia to your own style. That special something: The medallions are not only reminiscent of past times in their form. They can also contain personal pictures of loved ones or moments of happiness and thus become wonderful memorabilia. With an individual engraving, they are the perfect gift or personal favourite piece of jewellery.

High-quality handcrafted pendants

All jewellery pieces from the "my girl, my boy"-collection are precisely handcrafted manually from 925 sterling silver. Whether the date of birth, initials, names or little symbols – the high-quality silver jewellery can be engraved and therefore individually designed. A wonderful present for a wonderful Mother.