Angel caller

Engelsrufer is your a lifelong personal protective companion. The subtle sounds call your guardian angel and give you strength, love, hope and self-confidence.

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Engelsrufer – your protective companion

Engelsrufer jewellery is as versatile as life itself. They can be matched to every mood and occasion: Different necklaces and chimes in 15 available colours create individual jewellery. Corresponding to your outfit, chimes can be changed, through opening your Engelsrufer pendant. That's how jewellery pieces for women can be matched to every look.

Chimes – meaningful and unique

Every Engelsrufer chime enchants with its unique sound and meaning. They call your personal guardian angel and depending on the colour, they give you strength, passion, love, hope and self-confidence. The red chime in an Engelsrufer pendant that gives its wearer love and strength, the green one gifts with hope and health, the blue one enhances concentration and turquois strengthens your self-confidence. Engelsrufer pendants are the perfect accessory and your a lifelong protective companion.

Possible combinations

Whether hearts, wings, the hand of Fatima or other symbolic motifs, Engelsrufer can be combined with various pendants into a unique chain. The diverse Engelsrufer collection offers countless possibilities and fulfils all your wishes.

Ultraviolet: Trend colour of the year 2018

Ultraviolet is the trend colour of the season. Together with an ultraviolet chime, your Engelsrufer transforms into a must-have for all trend-conscious women. The chime in ultraviolet does not only stand for independence and inner harmony but also to shows your instinct for trends. Don't miss out on any jewellery trend with Engelsrufer!

High-quality Handmade pendants

All pendants are precisely crafted manually from 925 sterling silver. Our high-quality silver jewellery is also available in rose-gold or yellow-gold plated. The addition of sparkling Zirconia provides for a glamorous appearance and a beautiful play of light. The classic Engelsrufer pendants also exist in genuine gold, for all our gold lovers. Engelsrufer pendants fulfil all your wishes.

The perfect gift

The unique Engelsrufer with its exchangeable chimes and individual meanings are the perfect presents for every occasion. They bring you luck, guidance or wonderful memory, that comes from the heart.