Earrings for ladies are now more fashionable than ever!

With Engelsrufers long earrings Moonlight Silver with Zirconia or Tree of Life Silver Tricolor you are not only trendy but also perfectly dressed for every occasion.

To easily recreate the hip layering look, here are our ear studs and our beautiful creoles. There are no limits to your creativity so you can create your individual look with the different Engelsrufer earrings.

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  1. Angel Whisperer Earrings Ginkgo Leaf bicolor silver
    Angel Whisperer Earrings Ginkgo Leaf bicolor silver
    As low as €69.00
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Earrings for women – subtle accents and sparkling highlights

Earrings are the perfect accessory for each day fitting every occasion. Whether at work, for everyday family life, baptism, celebrations and other parties – earrings set subtle accents and emphasise that natural beauty. they are at the same time, subtle, but effective accessories.

Classically elegant, sporty or playfully-romantic: with varied colours, Engelsrufer earrings are available in various designs with an emphasis on personalising the style. Jewellery containing sparkling stones give you a flattering hint of luxury for a glamorous look and lets you stand out from the crowd. Whereas, sophisticated, very detailed ear decoration is wonderfully romantic and allows your feminine sensual side to emerge. Besides, earrings with oriental symbols like Fatima's Hand are in vogue this season.

Powerful symbols

Hearts, wings, stars, infinity symbols, dream catcher or the Tree of Life – Engelsrufer earrings are enchanted with excellent designs. The symbols are not only gorgeous accessories but also protective motifs, that gives you power and cast away all that is evil.

Bi- and tricolour – the colour trend of the year

The echoing words of this year are "mix and match". Now colours and materials can be mixed and matched to suit personal taste living a lot of room for creativity and personalisation. Fashion-forward women wear multicoloured earrings like the Tree of Life or the Dream Catcher and show off their sensitivity to trends. A fascinating layering look, that always brings out the best side of any woman could also be created by combining different earring.

Perfect gifts and Beautiful sets

Combining earrings with fitting Engelsrufer pendants and bracelets can result in fascinating complete results. Besides, sets containing necklaces, pendants, bracelets and fitting earrings are a perfect gift.

Elaborately crafted premium earrings

All Engelsrufer earrings are 925 sterling silver, handmade with an emphasis on precision, craftsmanship and great attention to details. They are made of 925 sterling silver. The high-quality silver jewellery is also available with rose gold and yellow gold plating. The addition of sparkling zirconia stones gives a glamorous appearance.