Not only pendants are decisive for a unique piece of jewellery - the necklace can also be an eye-catcher! Depending on the delicacy of the chain, your accessory will shine in a completely different light. Absolutely trendy: Bi- and Tricolor!

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  1. Anchor Chain
    Anchor Chain
    As low as €89.00
    6 Variants
  2. Anchor Chain 4-on gold
    Anchor Chain 4-on gold
    As low as €45.00
    2 Variants
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    Bead chain gold
    Bead chain gold
    As low as €48.30
    6 Variants
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    Brillo chain diamond cut gold
    Brillo chain diamond cut gold
    As low as €24.50
    2 Variants
  5. Korean chain gold
    Korean chain gold
    As low as €55.00
    4 Variants
  6. Pea chain gold
    Pea chain gold
    As low as €59.00
    7 Variants
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Chains for women: Combination possibilities and lengths

Whether short or long, filigree or massive, with precious stones or pearls, made of satin or silver – Engelsrufer chains for women are varied, individual, combinable and provide countless different ways in which they can be worn. They fit every style perfectly and enchant a breathtaking décolleté.

Short chains – from noble to trendy cool

Short chains available in different lengths (40 + 3, 42 and 45 cm) set with subtle accents and pretty little pendants like hearts or wings and flatter every décolleté. By representing pure elegance with shiny pearls and precious stones, short chains are a timeless classic gem, which gives business looks and evening dresses a little extra glamour. Wearing it real close to the neck, short chains become a trendy it-piece for hot summer outfits and turn your casual look into a perfectly matched outfit.

Long chains – an extravagant eyecatcher

Big, extravagant pendants can be perfectly highlighted with long chains available from 50 up to 90 cm. They are the eyecatcher and set stylish accents. By combining pendants with filigree chains, you can lay the focus on the pendant, whereas striking chains and pendants together give an extravagant piece of jewellery. Besides, wearing chains double or triple gives a stylish layering look. The creativity and the wearing options are endless with beautiful necklaces for ladies.

Styling tip: Let's layer it

Mix filigree necklaces create breathtaking layering looks according to your current whim – the more, the better. There are no rules except for the fact that more room for freedom in creativity is provided. Elaborately mix and match multicoloured necklaces made of different materials and create aesthetical layering looks. Lovely Engelsrufer necklaces made of sterling silver and plated with rose or yellow gold perfectly fit this trend. Whether you combine silver, yellow or rose gold, decorated with pearls or satin details – Engelsrufer necklaces in different lengths combined with gorgeous pendants are perfect accessories to create a fascinating layering look.

Elaborately crafted premium necklaces

The elaborately crafted Engelsrufer necklaces for women leave no wish for jewellery untouched.

All pieces of jewellery are made in precise handwork with great attention to detail made of 925 sterling silver. The high-quality silver jewellery is also available with rose gold and yellow gold plating or in combination with precious stones and satin. In addition, sparkling zirconia stones make a glamorous appearance.

The perfect gift

With its countless combination possibilities, Engelsrufer necklaces are a perfect gift fitting every occasion. Together with a pendant, they become beautiful accessories, lucky charms, talismans or personal memorabilia.