A real eye-catcher on the wrist - the filigree bracelets from Engelsrufer! 
Timeless design, powerful symbols and always trendy.  Whether silver, gold, rose, stylish bi- or tricolor, no fashion wish remains unfulfilled. 

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  1. Angel Whisperer Bangle with Heart Wing Pendant - silver / gold
    Angel Whisperer Bangle with Heart Wing Pendant - s...
    As low as €79.00
    2 Variants
  2. Angel Whisperer Charm Bracelet silver / gold / rosé for Charm Pendant
    Angel Whisperer Charm Bracelet silver / gold / ros...
    As low as €69.00
    3 Variants
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Bracelets for ladies - as individual as the wearer

Classic silver, elegant beads, delicate satin, filigree symbols or charms for individual begging bracelets: Angel Caller bracelets are as versatile as the wearers themselves. The bracelets made of different materials and in a wide range of colours can be combined individually and match any look. With their feminine aesthetics, women's bracelets emphasise the most delicate part of every woman's body - the wrist - and underline the natural beauty of their wearer.

Charm up your life: Creating unique bracelets

Wonderful charms transform your charm bracelet into a unique piece of jewellery. They can be put together individually and thus become very special souvenirs or personal gifts. Show your personal style with this wonderful piece of jewellery.

Strong, meaningful symbols

Refined designs and high-quality materials meet meaningful symbols: The dream catcher represses all bad things and keeps the good dreams inside. The hand of Fatima protects the wearer from evil. Stars enhance the inner radiance and give a sensual aura. The infinity sign stands for everlasting friendship and love. All these motifs give their wearer strength and protection and are also very trendy.

Styling tip - Layer it 

This year, filigree bracelets will be combined to create breathtaking layering looks at will - the more the merrier. The only rule of this trend is: everything is allowed! Bracelets made of different materials and in different colours are worn together artistically. The beautiful angel caller bracelets made of silver, pearls or satin are perfect for the layering look. Whether bracelet to bracelet or in combination with a watch - the filigree bracelet becomes a special eye-catcher in combination with other noble accessories.

Powerful Stones - powerful effect

The Powerful Stone collection by Engelsrufer not only includes necklaces but also the matching bracelets. The Powerful Stones have a positive effect on body and soul!