The history of Martini SchmuckZeit and the later brands stems back to 1998 when Sabine and Mario Martini open their first speciality shop with watches and jewellery in Schwabach. Their passion for jewellery swifty became a recipe for success.

Just after ten years, they ran seven additional shops in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg. From now on Martini SchmuckZeit is firmly well established in the Franconian area and beyond.

„We always wanted to be as close to our customer’s needs as possible and to convince with premium quality. Despite the success of our stores and the expansion we still try to focus on a good relationship with our customers.“

Mario Martini, Senior Product Development Manager


Little by little their full creative potential was tapped and this arose to their own product line of which they are able to identify themselves with. Motivated by their past experiences collected over the years, the two launched their first own-brand Engelsrufer in 2010. Inspired by the Spanish tradition “Llamadores de ángeles” (span. caller of the angels), their passion for Southeast Asia and the propagated life philosophies they create their own jewellery with special meanings. Since then, Engelsrufer and Herzengel, Engelsrufer Kids Collection, are known for meaningful jewellery that generates emotions.

„The vision of our own jewellery brand that fits our standards in quality, design and meaning came into being through the relationship to our customers. Our longterm experiences as specialized retailers are invaluable.“

Sabine Martini, Creative Director


First, the entrepreneurs only sell their handcrafted premium jewellery pieces designed with love for details in the Martini SchmuckZeit branches. Enthusiastic customer feedback and great demand of other chain stores did not take long to show.

Therefore, in 2012 Sabine and Mario decided to present their own brand during a jewellery fair and to distribute it through selected partners.

Today Engelsrufer is available in more than 40 countries and at 3.000 sales partners. A kid’s collection is not long in coming, as well. Since 2014 Herzengel confirmes the successful formula of the Martinis: Passion for jewellery and attention to details combined with their unique intuition for customer's needs and their long-term industrial knowledge.

„The great success of our brand Engelsrufer overwhelmed us and made us believe in our vision to keep creating jewellery with individual meanings. With Engelsrufer, we set a trend and well established it in the jewellery sector.“

Sabine Martini, Creative Director