Angel Whisperer Set of Chimes

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  • Klangkörper hochwertig lackiert

  • Klangkugel mit beruhigenden Klängen

  • Rufe Deinen persönlichen Schutzengel

  • Jeden Tag ein neuer Style

  • Ideal kombinierbar mit einer Vielzahl weiterer Schmuckstücke

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Angel Whisperer Set of Chimes

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For our transformation artists Engelsrufer - Classic, Paradise and Skystrears in size L we have put together a set of four chimes in the colours white, black, red and rose in size L with 20 mm. Our heavenly pieces of jewellery can be opened and equipped with the different coloured Engelsrufer chimes. The subtle pattern of the pendants perfectly sets every inner chime in the spotlight. The special thing is that each sounding body possesses its unique, unmistakable timbre and a specific colour meaning. With their delicate sounds, they call your very own guardian angel to you and provide harmony and balance. Due to the multitude of possible variations, you get a new look every day.

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  • color:multicolor
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  • article no.:ERO-SOUNDBALL-01-SET

... like a loving hug, it protectsand accompanies you in all your ways. As a lucky charm, he gives you strength, trust and love. When shadows form and make you doubt on your feelings, it wraps you securely and gives comfort and confidence. It preserves all your positive experiences, gathers your hope, love and happiness. Engelsrufer, your protective companion for a lifetime.

white, black, red, rosé

White stands for brilliant perfection,innocence, purity andimmortality. Black dominates the light, itsappearance is mysterious and elegant. Red is a warm colour which stands for strength, fire, passion and love.
Rose is gentle and tender, it gives hope and calmness in difficult times.


At Engelsrufer every purchased product includes a matching jewellery packaging and certificate (picture example).

Chime concept

A variety of our Engelsrufer jewellery is not only openable but also comes in different coloured chimes can also be exchanged as desired. The chimes are available in different colours, sizes and shapes. The special feature each chime has its unique, distinctive tone and meaning. The chimes are available for the series Engelsrufer, Paradise, Tears of Heaven and Luna in the sizes: XS 14mm = chime XS 11mm, S 16mm = chime S 14mm, M 20mm = chime M 17mm, L 24mm = chime L 20mm, Herz = Klangherz 29mm , Luna = sound lens 19mm