On your Engelsrufer piece of jewellery, you have a warranty of two years from the date of purchase regarding material defects and processing errors. The prerequisite is that you as a consumer have bought the piece of jewellery in a partner sales outlet or in the Engelsrufer Online Shop. The guarantor is Schmuckzeit Europe GmbH, Nördliche Ringstr. 6, 91126 Schwabach, Germany.


Please note that Engelsrufer Jewellery, which was purchased from an authorized jewellery store (jeweller), also has to be submitted there with the proof of purchase and can not be sent directly to Engelsrufer.

From the date of purchase, your Engelsrufer piece of jewellery will be repaired free of charge within this two-year period. If this is not possible or if a repair is disproportionate, we exchange the piece of jewellery for an equivalent free of charge. The guarantee does not cover improper use, external repair, careless handling, wear, wearing parts such as leather or satin ribbons, misuse or if the piece of jewellery has been damaged, for example, by an accident. Please refer to the special care instructions for jewellery by Engelsrufer.

Regardless of the guarantee granted by Schmuckzeit Europe GmbH, you are entitled to the rights under the statutory warranty. These are not limited by the warranty.

In order to be able to refund the transport costs in case of warranty, please attach a copy of the postage cost document to your parcel (or get in contact with us so we can send you a free return ticket). For the purpose of the refund, please also note your bank details (your data will, of course, be treated confidentially).

Schmuckzeit Europe GmbH
Division Onlineshop / Return
Limbacher Str. 25
91126 Schwabach

For your own safety, we would like to point out that defective jewellery is stamped by registered mail or parcel with return receipt to us. We assume no liability for damage, loss and theft during transport.


You will have a guarantee of 24 months from the day of purchase with regard to material defects and workmanship errors on your Engelsrufer watches. The requirement is that you, as a consumer, have bought the watch in an Engelsrufer partner sales Point or in the Engelsrufer shop online. The guarantor is Schmuckzeit Europe GmbH, Nördliche Ringstr. 6, 91126 Schwabach, Germany.

Please note that Engelsrufer watches which have been bought at an authorised specialist shop must also be submitted there under the delivery of the completed guarantee certificate and cannot be sent directly to Engelsrufer. To make use of this guarantee, please provide the International guarantee certificate-filled out by an authorised Engelsrufer dealer, dated, signed and stamped. Please keep this certificate safe. This warranty applies only on condition that batteries recognised by Engelsrufer are used. Your watch is equipped with a Miyota plant.

The guarantee does not cover improper use, external repair, careless handling, wear, damage due to normal use (e.g. scratched glass), misuse or damage (e.g. by accident). Wear parts such as bracelets and batteries are excluded from this warranty.

The rights under the legal warranty under the national laws are not replaced or restricted by the guarantee.


As our Engelsrufer watches contain batteries, Engelsrufer is obliged under the Battery Act (BattG) to inform customers about the following:

Batteries and accumulators must not be disposed of with household waste. Customers are legally obliged to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries. Used batteries may contain harmful substances which, if not properly stored or disposed of, could be harmful to the environment or to health. But batteries also contain important raw materials such as Iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and can be recycled. Customers may return the batteries after use either to Engelsrufer or returned free of charge in the immediate vicinity (e.g., in stores or in community collection points). The sale in outlets is limited to end user customary amounts and such waste batteries that leads the distributor as new batteries in his assortment or led.

The crossed-out wheeled bin sign means that batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. The following symbols are also to be found under this symbol with the following meanings:

Pb: battery contains lead,
Cd: battery contains cadmium,
Hg: battery contains mercury