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Better together

Like mother, like daughter: mother is a role model even when it comes to fashion. Inspired by our Engelsrufer collection, we decided to design lovely jewellery for little girls. With our Herzengel collection, even the little ones can wear their Engelsrufer Classic always near their heart.

Herzengel classics for kids

We count Engelsrufer necklaces for kids as our classic of the Herzenegl collection. The subtle sound of the chime calls your guardian angel, while different colours increase hope, health, love, tranquillity and self-confidence. Our Engelsrufer kids are available in 6 colours. More of the jewellery classics are necklaces with wings and heart pendants, as well as matching ear studs. Their symbolically powerful motifs make the silver jewellery wonderful lucky charms. The Angels' Wings wrap your loved ones in security and protection, while hearts give love and hope.

The chimes' colour meaning

White: implies brilliant flawless, innocent, pure and immortal.
Green: is the colour of hope, health, balance and honesty.
Red: is the colour of warmth. It wakes up your passion, fire, strength and love.
Purple: strengthens independence and freedom of opinion while encouraging inner balance.
Turquoise: implies inner balance and honesty. It promotes communicating abilities and strengthens your self-confidence.
Pink: is the colour of strength of character. Dominance, self-confidence and a sense of style.

High-quality jewellery crafted in precise manual labour

The Herzengel classic jewellery pieces are made from 925 sterling silver in precise craftsmanship labour. Their surface is rhodium plated which protects from oxidisation and provides for excellent wearing comfort.