The company Engelsrufer expressly opposes child labour and, in any production of its products, ensures that these are manufactured under conditions that exclude child labour in principle.


Engelsrufer stands for products of the highest quality and emotional design. In order to continue to be able to convince you as a loyal customer with the highest standards, we ask you to observe certain criteria when purchasing our products online. Only through the main domain, you get genuine Engelsrufer products of proven quality.

Unfortunately, our products are increasingly being victimised by rogue internet retailers who offer counterfeit goods on dubious websites. These pages often resemble those of the official Engelsrufer online shops and carry the name themselves in the Internet address in order to suggest seriousness to users and online buyers. However, they have nothing to do with the main domain

Also, pay special attention to the correct language selection and spelling in the online shops. Extreme price reductions and deviations from the original price of the product also suggest a possible plagiarism sale.

We as a company are actively involved in the fight against these dubious Internet service providers and are working specifically with international Customs to detect and seize plagiarism directly. This is for the benefit of our customers because counterfeit goods are cheaply produced plagiarisms, in which no quality controls are performed, which can often cause damage to health.