Sabine and Mario Martini right from the beginning wanted to tell a story with their own brand Engelsrufer: A unique story that touches the hearts of their customers, who were able to identify themselves with their jewellery. Therefore, instead of producing simple accessories they created premium jewellery using varied symbols to convey individual meanings. Their motto: Powerful Meanings!

Since then individuality and emotion are the essentials of the Engelsrufer success story.

„The positive reactions and the numerous unique stories that were being written by our customers who wore our jewellery inspired me to keep on creating jewellery with a meaning.“

Sabine Martini, Creative Director


In 2014 Sabine and Mario Martini continue writing their Engelsrufer success story by founding the Engelsrufer Kids Collection known as the Herzengel. This also catered for the little ones with the chance to wear meaningful jewellery. The aim of the brand is clear: generate emotion!

Sabine and Mario Martini established a broad international company that shares their philosophy: Telling stories and generating emotion is not only a trend for Sabine and Mario, it is also their attitude towards life. Together with their company SchmuckZeit Europe they keep living and loving this attitude..

„Our recipe for success: Jewellery is close to our hearts. For me it is not just an accessory, it is a special part of my daily life that tells my story.“

Sabine Martini, Creative Director