Healing Stone Blue Agate

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  • Real gemstone Blue Agate

  • Size S suitable for ERN-HEAL in S

  • Blue Agate for health & balance

  • Powerful Healing Stone with a positive effect on body and mind

  • Everyday a new style

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Your personal Healing Stone from our Healing Stone Collection. Experience the natural beauty and powerful nature. Blue Agate as the "Stone of Health and Balance" represents infinite stability. It strengthens the sense of reality and establishes inner balance. Healing stones need the right care to be effective, because of that you will receive a small guideline with the most important steps for discharging, cleaning and recharging.

  • material:
  • gold alloy:
  • color:blue
  • function:
  • stone type:Real gemstone Blue Agate
  • dimension:19-20 mm, Ø 3,9 - 4,3 mm
  • size:S
  • thickness:
  • length:
  • closure types:
  • product type:
  • article no.:ERS-HEAL-BA-S

Healing Stone: Unload, Clean and Charge - That's it!

The beauty of nature combined in your favourite piece of jewellery.
In harmony with nature, the healing stone surrounds you with its aura and energy.
As a multi-talent, the fascinating and powerful stone should have a positive effect on the mind and body.

Unloading (mechanical cleaning): Hold the stone under running water. Rub it gently with your fingers for a minute. Rub dry with a clean cotton cloth. The stored information can be easily removed.
Purification (energetic): Place the stone in a quiet place in a collection of hematites or amethysts overnight.
Charging (after cleaning): Moonstones can be charged by the moon and sunstones can be charged by the sun. Sunstones such as Aquamarine, Jasper, Tiger Eye, and much more are suitable for charging in the morning sun because the midday sun is too aggressive. For moonstones e.g. Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Rose Quartz, and much more. No time is prescribed, but the red moon should be avoided.

Blue Agate for health & balance

Especially in today's fast-moving world, the agate is an important helper in coping with stress and its symptoms. The blue gemstone as a stabilizer helps people who are exposed to high demands to find solutions in life. The sense of reality and the inner balance is established and strengthened.


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