Angel Whisperer silver Paradise with zirconia Necklace

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  • 925 sterling silver rhodium plated
  • Necklace to open with changeable chime
  • Through the soft sound, the chime provides the piece of the jewellery with harmony and balance
  • Studded with white synth. cubic zirconia stones
  • Ideal to combine with a variety of other jewellery
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Angel Whisperer silver Paradise with zirconia Necklace

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The sound of paradise. Our dreamlike paradise on a chain enchants you with its genuinely extraordinary design and the multitude of its small loving details. Due to the delicate pattern of the trailer, the inserted coloured chime staged perfectly. Open the handmade cage by pulling up the silver bead of the net and fill it with your favourite chime. With a varied number of possibilities, you will be able to get a new look every day. With its delicate sound, it calls your very own guardian angel to you and ensures harmony and balance. The highlight here is the precious shimmering synthetic zirconia stones. Is there something that could be more feminine than radiantly beautiful crystals surrounded by classic silver. The timeless piece of jewellery with a chain length of 80 cm is pulled over the head without closure. Engelsrufer uses the highest quality alloy 925 sterling silver for its jewellery. The rhodium used as further refinement serves a pleasant wearing comfort and protects the jewellery from oxidising. All pieces of jewellery are nickel-free and therefore suitable for allergic people.
  • material:925 sterling silver rhodium plated
  • gold alloy:
  • color:silver, pearlescent
  • function:Pendant to open, chime enclosed
  • stone type:48 white, round cubic zirconia stones
  • dimension:Ø 20 mm
  • size:M
  • thickness:0.3 mm
  • length:80 cm
  • closure types:
  • product type:Necklace with pendant
  • article no.:ERN-20-PARADISE-M-ZI

Der Klang aus dem Paradies

Your personal talismanthat protects you day by day. It absorbs all of your experiences and tells your very own story of life. Its sound calms and cares for harmony and balance.


Mother-of-pearl stands for brilliant flawlessness, innocence, purity and immortality.


At Engelsrufer every purchased product includes a matching jewellery packaging and certificate (picture example).

Paradise concept

Our heavenly Paradise is not only openable but also has a multitude of exchangeable chimes. The chimes are available in many colours and sizes. The special feature of each chime is a unique, distinctive tone and meaning. The Paradies is available in the following sizes: XS 14mm = chime XS 11mm, S 16mm = chime S 14mm, M 20mm = chime M 17mm, L 24mm = chime L 20mm