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Our heart wing motif is one of our favourite symbols. The protective wing is meant to doors in life, the heart gives you love. Your protective talisman - day after day!


The tree of life brings you peace, blessings and endless love. It grows with your stages of life and keeps all evil away from you.

Our four C's and the gold of the Engelsrufer Diamond Collection 

CARAT is the unit of FEING CONTENT FOR GOLD | 9K denotes 9 carats and is equivalent to 375 yellow gold. 

COLOR describes the COLOUR
G-H stands for white - fine white (wesselton)

CARAT stands for the WEIGHT
1 ct. has a weight of 0.2 gr

CUT explains the SLIDE
BRILLANTSCHLIFF gives highest shine potential (full cut)

CLARITY informs about the PURITY
SI means small inclusions



 Our angel caller 375 yellow gold, diamond set jewellery stands for:

- Strong symbolism: purity, strength, well-being, inner radiance and eternal love.

-Timeless beauty: The diamond lends elegance, femininity and an enchanting radiance.

-Love & fidelity: The most precious gemstone demonstrates infinite love, security and sets  the wearer perfectly. A precious gift for a precious person




We have interpreted strength, hope and love into our jewellery - let yourself be enchanted. They will accompany you for a lifetime and the longer a piece of jewellery is in your possession, the longer it will last and the greater its emotional value, which is irreplaceable.



Our exclusive, timeless jewellery from the Engelsrufer Diamond Collection is finely handcrafted from precious 375 yellow gold and white diamonds.

Unsurpassed in their hardness, diamonds have always fascinated with their unique sparkle, which is brought out particularly intensively by the characteristic brilliant cut. Every diamond is a small masterpiece of nature.

In addition, you will receive exclusive packaging with a velvety interior. You will also receive a free silk cloth with every order - so you can enjoy your real gold jewellery for a long time and have the opportunity to clean it again and again.


Engelsrufer stands for quality and attaches great importance to the fact that every idea of material, design and technique is captured in the production down to the last detail to ensure that you get what you want.