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The extra hint of luck

The enchanting Herzengel lucky charms imply peace, freedom, protection and love. They are protective companions for life and give your little darling strength, joy, independence, cosiness and self-confidence.

Jewellery with meaning

The unique Herzengel bracelets, necklaces with pendants and ear studs are beautiful lucky charms and enchant with their symbolism: Angel's Wings wrap your loved ones in safety and give protection. Hearts give love and hope. Stars enchant with an infinite glow and imply joy of life and optimism. The dove brings tranquillity and peace, and the dolphin gives freedom and inner balance. Its unique meanings make the jewellery for kids a sweet accessory and at the same time a protective talisman.

Symbolic meanings

Dove: implies peace. It calms and stands for pleasure.
Heart: is a symbol of love. It gives affection, appreciation and strength.
Star: implies glowing. The star gives joy for life and optimism.
Flower: implies beauty. It stands for communication and increases self-confidence.
Teddy angel: implies protection. It gives strength, cosiness and freedom.
Horse: is a symbol of strength. It stands for resistance and liveliness.
Butterfly: implies nature. The butterfly gives joy and vividness.
Dolphin: implies freedom. It stands for independence and balance.
Ladybug: is a symbol of luck. The ladybug increases friendship and gifts cosiness.
Wing: implies protection and love. As a lucky charm, it gives cosiness and protects.