Earrings are a great and above all discreet jewelry for children, which catches the eye directly. The Herzengel collection offers playful animal motifs for robber's daughters, but also jewellery in elegant silver for little princesses.

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Earrings for children, the sparkling accents and protective symbols

For your child earrings and studs are the right pieces of jewellery. They set subtle accents and with their powerful symbols protect your little darlings. Thereby, making them subtle and effective.

Powerful symbols

Hearts, wings, stars, flowers, ladybugs or horses, Herzengel earrings enchant with sophisticated designs and powerful symbols. At the same time, the beautiful motifs protect your little darlings and give them strength, love and cosiness.

Symbolic meanings

Dove: implies peace. It calms and stands for pleasure.
Heart: is a symbol of love. It gives affection, appreciation and strength.
Star: implies glowing. The star gives joy for life and optimism.
Flower: implies beauty. It stands for communication and increases self-confidence.
Teddy angel: implies protection. It gives strength, cosiness and freedom.
Horse: is a symbol of strength. It stands for resistance and liveliness.
Butterfly: implies nature. The butterfly gives joy and vividness.
Dolphin: implies freedom. It stands for independence and balance.
Ladybug: is a symbol of luck. The ladybug increases friendship and gifts cosiness.
Wing: implies protection and love. As a lucky charm, it gives cosiness and protects.

The right gifts and best sets

Create the best complete looks by combining earrings with fitting necklaces and bracelets. Sets containing necklaces, bracelets and matching earrings are the right gift for birthdays, baptisms, communions and confirmations or simply to show your love.

Artistically crafted premium earrings

Artistically crafted Herzengel earrings are made of 925-sterling silver with love for details. The premium jewellery for children is also available in 9-carat genuine gold. Moreover, Sparkling zirconia reflecting lights and let your little darling shine brightly.