The exclusive and aesthetically crafted Engelsrufer Gold collection combines precious materials with sophisticated, timeless designs. Genuine gold and precious stones form a unique relationship and give the jewellery pieces a feminine twist. Signature products of the brand Engelsrufer like the delicate classic Engelsurfer with chimes, perfectly fitting earrings and wing pendants are available in 9, 14 and 18 carat genuine gold by choice. Besides, you are able to choose from different colours of gold like white, yellow or rose gold.

Engelsrufer Gold: valuable, exclusive classics for all gold lovers.


The unique Engelsrufer jewellery is captivating, due to its remarkable meaning and elaborate handcraft. With their unique sounds, the pieces of jewellery call for your guardian angel. Besides, the filigree Engelsrufer basket can be opened and the chimes that come in nine different colours are interchangeable. This is why Engelsrufer is an individual piece of jewellery, a gift for every occasion and a protective companion that perfectly fits your style. Not only the Engelsrufer itself, but also every other Engelsrufer product with its unique meaning remains true to the slogan “JEWELLERY MEETS POWERFUL MEANINGS”.

By combining precious, handcrafted materials and meaningful motifs, every Engelsrufer jewellery becomes a unique piece!