Wearing jewellery as lucky charms and calling the guardian angel by using sound bodies are ancient traditions. It goes back to the Spanish Llamadores de ángeles (Spanish for caller of the angel). With their delicate sound, the jewellery pieces help to call your guardian angel.

In 2010, Sabine and Mario Martini picked up this idea and created their brand Engelsrufer. Following the colour spectrum of the Indian chakra teachings they revived the Spanish tradition. Both created jewellery with different coloured sound balls, each with its unique meaning and tone. Depending on the colour, the sound balls give you peace, strength, love, balance or self-confidence.


The craftsmanship of the aesthetically unique Engelsrufer are made of 925-sterling silver and are also available in rose or yellow gold plating as well as refined in real gold. The filigree, individual chime of every sound ball calls your guardian angel who protects you in every situation. The well thought crafted Engelsrufer basket can be opened up and the multicoloured sound balls can be changed at your own will making every piece of jewellery customisable. This makes every Engelsrufer piece of product to become a unique piece of jewellery, a perfect gift for every occasion and a companion to every outfit. Not only the Engelsrufer itself, but also every other Engelsrufer product with its unique meaning remains true to the slogan “jewellery meets Powerful meanings”.

By combining precious, handcrafted materials and meaningful motifs, every Engelsrufer jewellery becomes a unique piece!