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Your zodiac sign - your powerful stone

Your zodiac sign - your powerful stone
With the help of your zodiac sign you will find your personal powerful stone made of real gemstone!

Powerful Stones matching your zodiac sign

Starting in January, Capricorn is in the focus, celebrating his birthday between 22.12 and 19.01. Belonging to the celestial body Saturn and element of the earth, the green malachite fits perfectly to the Capricorn, to be able to unfold its effect in the best possible way. The Capricorn needs a strong stone like the malachite, which gives him more self-confidence and a positive outlook.

The following zodiac sign is Aquarius (20.01-19.02). His celestial bodies are Saturn and Uranus. The element is air. The blue agate supports Aquarius in his visions by giving him foresight and foresight. Through his individual character, Aquarius often shows his sincerity.

Your zodiac sign Pisces

The zodiac sign Pisces celebrates its birthday from 19.02 to 20.03 and belongs to the element water and the celestial bodies Jupiter and Neptune. The blue agate is the right support for the fish. The blue agate can help the fish not to be flooded by their feelings, but to come into harmony with them.

The zodiac sign Aries (21.03.-20-04) is assigned to the element fire and the celestial body Mars. The gemstone red jasper ensures that Aries can develop its personality to the fullest and helps it on its way to finding its identity.

Bulls are personalities that often have difficulties in decision-making processes. The malachite can help the bull to combine mind and feeling. The Taurus celebrates its birthday from 21.04 to 20.05, has the element earth and can act perfectly due to the noble green power stone.

The seeing tiger's eye, as a power stone, directs its gaze inwards and shows the twin what it can really do. The power stone of the tiger's eye, therefore, fits the Gemini perfectly. The element air and the celestial body Mercury correspond to the twin, which is fast and flexible in every respect. His mind is inquisitive and adaptable.

In the following month of June, Cancer are born between 21.06 and 22.07. They are assigned to the element of water. The rose quartz promotes the understanding of the Cancer for his fellow men, without the Cancer himself losing the necessary distance. The celestial body of the crab is the moon and the element water.

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The rose quartz as a power stone also fits the zodiac sign of Leo, has the element fire and strengthens the community spirit of Leo and makes him get along better in groups.

The Virgo (23.08-22.09) is supported by the Tiger Eye, which helps the Virgo to free itself from all superfluous things and to create balance. She is assigned to the element earth and often appears very down-to-earth and rational.

 Your zodiac sign Libra

The zodiac sign Libra has a strong need for harmony. The supporting gemstone is lapis lazuli, which helps to increase the ability to deal with conflict. Libra (23.09-22.10) is also often regarded as a perfect conversational partner and is equally happy to listen.

The Scorpio is a true individualist who is up to any challenge. The matching gemstone that can effectively support the Scorpions (23.10-21.11) is the Red Jasper. The Red Jasper gives Scorpion confidence and the ability to process mentally. The appropriate element for the scorpion is water.

The fiery zodiac sign Sagittarius is the last in the annual calendar and is best supported by the lapis lazuli. The beautiful dark blue gemstone supports the zodiac sign Sagittarius perfectly in expanding its spiritual horizon and promotes its openness to new knowledge.

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