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Your star sign Virgo - character and meaning

Your star sign Virgo - character and meaning
If your birthday is between 23.08 and 22.09 you belong to the sixth sign of the zodiac, the virgo. The characteristics of this sign of the zodiac are clear. They love good organization, are down-to-earth and rational. Due to their urge for order and the resulting perfectionism, the Virgo is often critical and fussy. However, honesty, objectivity and diligence are clearly among their strengths, although they are also often described as petty and suspicious.

Ascendant and characteristics of Virgo

The celestial body of the Virgo is Mercury. The corresponding element is the earth. The ascendant of Virgo is Scorpio. Matching this, you will find your personal power stone, perfectly suited to your zodiac sign. Jewellery in which the tiger's eye bears true symbolism fits to the Virgo.

Zodiac sign Virgo - Your power stone of the Powerful Stone collection

The tiger eye is a power stone that stands for balance and insight. The tiger eye helps the Virgo to free herself from all superfluous things and leads her to balance. The Tiger Eye can see everything and bring luck to the wearer. It protects against the evil eye and at the same time promotes balance and improves the connection to personal power.

Power stones - popular gemstones with special effects

The Powerful Stones of the Powerful Stone collection by Engelsrufer combine the beauty of nature in your favourite piece of jewellery. In harmony with nature, the Powerful Stone surrounds you with its aura and energy. The precious or semi-precious stones should have a positive effect on your mind and body. As the Powerful Stone collection is a genuine natural gemstone product, colour variations within the collection are possible, which make the products even more individual.

The tiger's eye as a brown Powerful Stone is a great companion, which is available in two different necklace types, as an earring or as a bracelet. In addition, the tiger's eye can be found in two more bracelets with 2 or 5 more powerful stones.

 Engelsrufer zodiac sign virgo

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