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Your personal friendship jewellery

Your personal friendship jewellery
Friendship jewelry bracelets for you and your best friends. The infinity symbol stands for infinite friendship and love. Engelsrufer offers you friendship jewelry with infinity pendants and earrings.  


Friendship jewellery for 2 or 3

Soon is the international day of friendship. On June 30th the world celebrates great friendships and should remember the beautiful meaning of friendship between people, countries and cultures. To set your own mark for infinity love and to show how important your friends are to you, jewellery with Infinity symbols is perfect.

Engelsrufer has designed the Infinity collection to match. With lettering like Love or as a simple infinity sign with zirconia stones. Here you will find the perfect jewelry for you and your friends.

The jewellery is elegant, beautifully feminine and still affordable. We know the jewelry formula that awakens the elegant side in you and makes you shine in youthful beauty. The timeless silver meets a noble solitaire and melts into exquisite pieces of jewellery.

 Engelsrufer Jewellery for best friends

Infinity Bracelet

The infinity bracelet with the well-known Infinity symbol also fits every wrist, as it has a drawstring fastener. It is 24cm long and the clasp is an adjustable ring that allows you to easily adjust it to adorn any wrist. The bracelet with the Infinity symbol is nickel-free, suitable for allergy sufferers and made of beautiful 925 sterling silver. One half of the bracelet is set with 19 round, white zirconia stones, which make the bracelet special.


You can buy infinity jewellery also in a Set: