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Trend colours 2020 and the matching jewellery

Trend colours 2020 and the matching jewellery
According to the Pantone Color Institute, this year's trend colors 2020 are natural tones such as beige, pink and all colors in the earth tones range. But also rich blue also called classic blue. In line with the warmer season, bright shades such as red, pink and strong green are also in vogue, which can be used in fashion and jewellery.

Natural shades such as beige and pink as trend colours 2020

Earth tones have become an absolute trend not only in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Also in the jewellery sector, golden details matching beige tones are used or real silver jewellery is combined to create the right look. The new Healing Stone collection by Engelsrufer allows several trends to be combined with each other. Because the Healing Stones in the basket of the pendant, in the design of the flower of life or the paradise, can be easily exchanged and adapted to the outfit or mood as desired.

 Trend colours 2020

The Healing Stone Collection with trend colour Classic blue!

The healing stone lapis lazuli captivates in a dark blue look. All healing stones are truly unique, as they are made of perfect natural products, which are made of natural gemstones and therefore always look slightly different.  The lapis lazuli as a stone of trust and wisdom represents spiritual clarity and brings deep power, wisdom and inner strength to its wearer. The stone in classic blue can be perfectly placed in your jewelry basket and will then unfold its full power.

 healing stones meaning and trend

The Healing Stone Collection includes the colors red, brown, green, dark blue, light blue and pink which are found in the Healing Stones Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Malachite, Blue Agate, Lapislazuli and Rose Quartz. The powerful stones form jewellery such as bracelets, earrings and pendants in two different designs.


You can buy the healing stone collection here:


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