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The angel wing – your charming companion

The angel wing – your charming companion

The angel wing is your personal lucky charm, which combines protection and love. The feathers wrap you in permanent security.

The angel wing – your charming companion

The dazzling angel wing pendants, necklaces, charms and bracelets are adorable companions, which reveals the beauty of its wearer. They are far more than just an accessory. The filigree angel wing combines love and protection as a lucky charm. Their feathers wrap its wearer in permanent security and protect you against all evils.

Women with angel wings jewellery

Classic and versatile

The angel wing is an absolute jewellery which is a must-have jewellery that every woman needs in her collection of jewellery. Whether at work, parties or just to go out shopping in the city, the subtle pendant is a classic match for nearly every outfit. Worn alone on a chain it implies timeless understatement, clean and chic. Studded with sparkling Zirconia, it is an eye-catcher and sets fascinating accents. Furthermore, it can be combined with other Engelsrufer pendants like the Tear of Heaven, Paradise or the Tree of Life. That is how uniqueness comes about, jewellery pieces that you can match to whatever mood and interest you are going for. The angel wings are also perfect for the trendy layering look in combination with long and short necklaces as well as with other pendants. This is how your very personal layering look is created.


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