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Star sign Libra & the matching powerful stone Lapis lazuli

Star sign Libra & the matching powerful stone Lapis lazuli
Here you can find out everything about the zodiac sign Libra, its ascendant, an overview of the characteristics of Libra and the matching powerful stones in wonderful accessories by Engelsrufer.

Your star sign Libra

From 24 September the zodiacal sign of Libra begins. People with the seventh sign of the zodiac are charming, diplomatic, in need of harmony and above all balanced. A typical characteristic is the striving for harmony and peace. Due to their nature, Libra are often the mediators in discussions and often get into the frontlines themselves, but due to their charming nature they are willing to get out of this unpleasant situation quickly.

Characteristics of the libra

Moreover, it can be said about the zodiac sign Libra that even with few accessories they fill a room with something special. Therefore, choosing the right accessories is of great importance, as they are above all the most vain zodiac sign of the zodiac. The lapis lazuli in its dark blue beautiful look, is the right power stone for Libra, which supports their characteristic positively and brings out the beauty of the wearer.

The lapis lazuli stands for trust and wisdom. It can bring deep power, wisdom and inner strength with its mental, emotional and spiritual energies to its wearer. The Libra has the element air and the celestial body Venus. The ascendant of the Libra is the bull. The lapis lazuli helps the Libra to become more capable of conflict. You can find the powerful stones of the Powerful Stone collection by Engelsrufer here.

Engelsrufer zodiac sign libra

The Powerful Stone chain is available in two different sizes. The Powerful Stone necklace in S has the look of Engelsrufer's Paradise product, the necklace in size M has the great symbol of the flower of life. Matching this you will find great earrings with the lapis lazulis stone as well as a bracelet with one stone and two more bracelets with 3 or 5 stones from the Powerful Stone collection. These are the Malachite, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz and Blue Agate. The Powerful Stone Collection's power stones are precious or semi-precious stones which are said to have a special healing effect. The products are all made of 925 sterling silver and are further enhanced with rhodium. Therefore all jewellery is comfortable to wear, nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.


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