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Presents for Valentine's Day

Presents for Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day we should give something in return to our partner. Something special, fresh, new. More than a bouquet of flowers or chocolates. Because surprising the loved ones with an attention will certainly delight everyone.


Ideas for Valentine's Day

Even if a candlelight dinner, flowers or a few kind words warm the heart, it is especially nice to be able to wear matching jewellery on Valentine's Day and beyond. The Beating Hearts collection by Engelsrufer convinces with two watches adorned with floating hearts that freely glide in the dial. Also the With Love series, which consists of tricolor hearts, is designed for a very special person. Due to the delicate tricolor the jewelry in pastel shades captivates and works particularly gently on any skin.

Valentine's Day present for women

This is also the perfect time to realize that the most important thing is self-love. For this reason, Valentine's Day is the right time to give yourself a little something - the perfect Engelsrufer Jewellery.

Engelsrufer offers products that act as lucky charms and summon your own guardian angel. The unique pieces of jewellery are handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, available in silver, rosé and yellow gold.

Through the combination of noble, handcrafted materials and highly symbolic motifs, Engelsrufer underlines your personal diversity, which you should appreciate every day and especially on Valentine's Day.

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