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Powerful Stone Collection - Your powerful gemstones

Powerful Stone Collection - Your powerful gemstones
The beauty of nature combined in your favorite piece of jewelry. In harmony with nature, powerful stones surround you with their aura and energy. Powerful stones have been extracted from nature for centuries and according to historical tradition have certain effects and functions.

Your personal gems in different colours

Power stones are very popular, especially with people who rely on natural healing methods. The precious or semi-precious stones can have a positive effect on the body with the right portion of faith and hope. Engelrufer absorbs the power of the stones and presents them in 6 different colours. The Powerful Stone jewellery is also available as sets, and matching earrings and bracelets are also available for each necklace.

Malachite is a green gemstone that stands for protection and happiness. The stone can have a positive effect on the body and support the psyche. It is said to ensure that the body is balanced and full of life and is perfectly presented in the Engelsrufer jewellery.

The tiger's eye is a brown power stone, similar to the Hamsa eye, which can protect the wearer from the evil eye. At the same time, it is supposed to promote balance and improve the connection to personal power.

The red jasper stands for vitality and strength. It can delight the heart and mind equally and act as a memory enhancer for more vitality. The beautiful red powerful stone can, therefore, act as a support against stress and looks wonderful in the beautiful jewellery cases. The red jasper also convinces in beautiful jewellery like bracelet and earrings.

 Powerful Stone Engelsrufer

Rose quartz - love and harmony

Known as the stone of love, rose quartz with its delicate pink decorates many of our jewellery pieces. The stone of unconditional love represents can remove negative energies and replace them with loving vibrations.

The blue agate can be an important helper. In today's fast-moving times, it can help to cope with stress and the symptoms it causes. The light blue power stone is a beautiful piece of jewellery. As a necklace, it is available in a silver basket like the other gemstones. These are available in life flower patterns or that of paradise.

The lapis lazuli stands for trust and wisdom. It can bring deep power, wisdom and inner strength with its mental, emotional and spiritual energies to its wearer and thus give them powerful support.