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Pendants with chains for children - the unique lucky charms

Pendants with chains for children - the unique lucky charms
Pendants for children's necklaces with beautiful motifs and symbols.


Jewellery with a meaning

The unique Herzengel pendants with chains are great lucky charms enchanting with their meaningful symbols: Angel wings containing your little darlings in endless cosiness and protection, hearts give love and hope, sparkling stars enchant and stand for optimism and joy in life. The dove brings peace and the dolphin gives freedom and balance. With its unique meanings, Herzengel jewellery for children is a cute accessory but also a protective talisman.

rainbow necklace children

Rainbow Dreams

The new enchanting and filigree Jewellery from Herzengel, with colorful rainbow and soft clouds as a pendant makes girls' hearts beat faster. The rainbow shines cheerfully and gives beautiful moments. The chain convinces by the multiplicity details made of enamel and is perfectly combinable with other pieces of jewellery.

The extra hint of luck

The enchanting Herzengel lucky charms imply peace, freedom, protection and love. They are protective companions for life and give your little darling strength, joy, independence, cosiness and self-confidence.

Length of the kid's chains:

The timeless children's jewellery is usually closed with a lobster clasp and is adjustable in three or two lengths. The children's chains have a length between 37 and 42 centimetres. For this purpose, Herzengel uses the highest quality alloy 925 sterling silver for its children's jewellery. The rhodium used as a further refinement serves for the pleasant wearing comfort and protects the jewellery from oxidising. 


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