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Origin of the Engelsrufer necklaces

Origin of the Engelsrufer necklaces
The Engelsrufer necklaces allow for creative combinations according to your mood and can, therefore, be embellished with any pendant. The chains are available in silver, gold and rosé, are closed with a lobster clasp and are all made of 925 sterling silver.

Anchor chain

The rhodium used provides a pleasant comfort and does not let the chain tarnish. The Engelsrufer chains are nickel-free and therefore also ideal for allergic people. The chains are available in three colours and six lengths each. From 45 to 90 centimetres, the chains radiate pure femininity.

Engelsrufer chain anchor

The anchor chain, for example, has the look of a real anchor chain and stands for the robust, stable holding strength. There are many filigree elements that form the chain and create a piece of jewellery.

Engelsrufer offers anchor chains in different variations. As a filigree version, in sizes 43 and 48 centimetres for a delicate look or ruthenium-plated in black silver, which gives the piece of jewellery its dark mystical shimmer and looks perfect with large pendants.

Our bracelet for different charms also impresses with the look of the anchor chain, so that a variety of charms can be attached to the different parts of the bracelet.

In addition, Engelsrufer also offers ball chains, Korean chains, diamond chains and chains with precious stones. In addition, narrow chains with zirconia stones or chains with shell cores or satin ribbons, on which any pendant can be hung.


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