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Meanings of the Engelsrufer chimes

Meanings of the Engelsrufer chimes
Like the brand Engelsrufer, which stands for strong symbolic power and emotions, the product Engelsrufer with its sound balls is the focus of today's blog post. Engelsrufer is as diverse as life itself and gives you strength, love, hope and self-confidence.

Engelsrufer sound balls and their delicate sound

The Engelsrufer are true all-rounders. They are available in the colours gold, rosé and silver. But you can individualise them in so many different ways. But also the jewellery pieces Himmelsträne and Paradise can be equipped with the sound balls. With the different sound balls, which all provide a delicate sound, your jewellery pieces can be combined to suit your mood and occasion. Their delicate sound calls your guardian angel. The colours of the sound balls give you hope, health, strength, love, balance and self-confidence.

Meaning of the sound balls

Simple and suitable for every Engelsrufer are the sound balls in white, mother of pearl and with white crystals. They stand for glamorous flawlessness, innocence, purity and immortality.

Matching the golden Engelsrufer, sound balls in gold, yellow and brown are simply perfect. Besides the meaning of the sound balls, they are also simply beautiful. Gold is the colour of pure brilliance. It increases the well-being and the inner radiance. Brown stands for fertility, it awakens feelings of comfort and warmth deep within us. Yellow makes us feel cheerful and happy. Joy of life and optimism are awakened.

The red sound balls are now also available with mother-of-pearl shimmer! Red is the colour of warmth, it awakens passion, fire, strength and love. The red sound ball is also a perfect gift for a woman, mother or child to express love for them.

 engelsrufer chimes

Engelsrufer sound ball colors in green, blue or black

Green is the colour of hope, health, balance and honesty. Whether light green sound ball, dark green sound ball or with a beautiful mother-of-pearl shimmer, the sound balls are real eye-catchers and have an enchanting sound.

For the equally simple but nevertheless expressive look, black sound balls are perfect. Black dominates the light, is elegant and mysteriously strong. You can get the sound ball black with mother of pearl or crystals.

Sound balls in blue - the trend colour 2020

Sound balls in the blue colour family are summery and very trendy. Turquoise stands for balance and honesty. It promotes communication and strengthens self-confidence. Blue brings changes. It promotes responsibility and the ability to concentrate. Purple strengthens independence, promotes freedom of opinion and balance.

Individualise your Engelsrufer exactly as it suits your mood! Also in combination with an angel's wing the piece of jewellery looks perfect. The angel's wing should be combined in one size larger so that it protects the angel's wing perfectly.

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