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Lucky charms from Engelsrufer for ladies

Lucky charms from Engelsrufer for ladies
You're wondering what lucky charms they have? The meaning of lucky charms is a great one, it combines protection and love. An object that symbolizes luck and stands by your side. Lucky charms in the form of jewellery are special and also great It pieces.

Your own guardian angel

Whether lucky charms with blue protective eye, lucky charms that stand for health or other protective symbols, the perfect lucky charm is the guardian angel, in silver, rosé or gold. A guardian angel for eternity. They give you the feeling of security and infinite safety. Our Engelsrufer guardian angel is available in two different sizes, studded with 72 or 90 zirconia stones. This piece of jewellery is a real eye-catcher. For those who like it more filigree, we also have a small guardian angel attached to a chain, which is also available in gold and silver. You can find pieces of jewellery in the form of guardian angels as a chain, charm or pendant.

Golden angel wings as a lucky charm

An energy boost? Our enchanting angel wing in various colours and sizes lets you feel free and independent and gives you energy. The dreamlike pendants can be perfectly combined with other jewellery. The plumage gives you protection and security. They also fit perfectly to Engelsrufer, as charm, as pendant, with zirconia stones or without, the angel wings are great accessories. As already mentioned, these are great to combine with Engelsrufer. They are also symbols of protection, which will bring you a personal guardian angel by their unique sound. Out of old tradition, the enchanting idea of wearing jewellery as a lucky charm and using sounding bodies to summon your own guardian angel arose. Through the delicate sound of the sound ball, which lies inside the Engelsrufer, your guardian angel is there for you in every situation. The exchangeable sound spheres make the piece of jewellery so individual, as the colours stand for happiness, love, faith, hope or self-confidence.
The best lucky charms

Engelsrufer Lucky charm

No matter if you choose a typical guardian angel, angel caller, wing symbol or our Powerful Stone collection, with Engelrufer you are perfectly equipped. They become protective and fashionable companions at the same time.

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