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Love provides peace and clarity

Love provides peace and clarity
Every Valentine's Day is personalised. Some want action, others want wellness and some want proof of love in form of personal as well as material gifts. But what is the best way to give a personal and also material gift? You can find the perfect idea here.

Relaxation for Valentine's Day

A romantic evening for two - that's what most people would want for Valentine's Day. But there are plenty of other ways to brighten up the day. You don't have to plan 5 different things to do to experience as much as possible... A wonderful option, for example, is the spa. Enjoy the day with your partner at the spa or the therme with massages, sauna infusions and much more. However, if you don't want to spend so much money, you can of course do the whole thing at home. A bubble bath followed by a massage at home usually goes down just as well. For movie lovers, however, a movie night with popcorn or similar snacks is best. So you don't always have to spend a lot of money to do something fun with your partner, it's just as easy to relax at home. As long as you're spending quality time with your loved one, you've done everything right on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day with the Engelsrufer Tear of Heaven

The Engelsrufer Tear of Heaven is the ideal Valentine's Day gift for a woman. On this piece of jewellery, bad experiences peel off the edge and the good memories are kept inside to give you strength. The pendant can be opened and offers you many variation possibilities, as the chime beads are interchangeable. The delicate sound of this piece of jewellery ensures harmony and balance and calls your very own guardian angel to you. The highlight of the Tear of heaven: the shimmering synthetic zirconia stones, which underline your femininity. There is a matching bracelet and ear studs - a combination of Tear of Heaven, Paradise and Flower of Life. Three actual pieces of jewellery are combined with each other and ensure a harmonious interplay of the different features. In addition, the bracelet and ear studs contain a small rose quartz to make the piece of jewellery special. As the stone of love, it brings you unconditional love and strengthens your mental bond.

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