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Love is ... to be loved

Love is ... to be loved
Only 1 day left until Valentine's Day! Great Love Week offers are waiting for you today and tomorrow. Read on here to be gifted with lots of love.

The feeling of being loved

"Happiness is being loved for who you are". This quote speaks from the heart of all of us, because everyone loves to be loved. At least one person in this world will always love you for who you are, be it your parents, your siblings, your children or your closest friends... It is a wonderful feeling to be loved and to know that you are not judged for your kind. But nothing beats the love between mother and child. From second one, you are in physical contact with your mother and build a deep bond that no one can destroy. However, it is also important to regularly show how much you love your mother or children. Valentine's Day is therefore the perfect opportunity to give not only your partner but also your children a small or big surprise. After all, it is the day of love and love is for everyone.

Mother and daughter in a partner look from now on

In order to create not only an inner unity, jewellery partner looks between mother and daughter ensure to show the outside world how they are connected to each other. Jewellery sets represent personal preferences and individuality and thus strengthen the relationship a lot more. At Engelsrufer and Herzengel there are some products that perfectly match a partner look outfit. The silver heart wing necklace for children gives the little ones a lifetime of strength, joy, security, protection and above all love... the matching heart wing necklace for women also symbolises strength and love - your protective talisman day after day. The matching ear studs for children and ladies as well as the ladies' bracelet are also worth seeing. These great pieces of jewellery combined with each other make a wonderful symphony of accessories. What is also worth mentioning is the silver girls bracelet with heart symbol and engravable area for loving inscriptions.

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