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Love is ... timeless

Love is ... timeless
No matter what year we live in, love has always existed and will continue to be a part of our lives. It is the most beautiful and important feeling in the world, which is why Valentine's Day is our way of celebrating it. You can read about the best things you and your partner can do here.

Experience something new together on Valentine's Day

Fancy an adventure together to make new memories? Then Valentine's Day fits the bill perfectly. Of course, you can make it a cliché day with a romantic candlelight dinner or something similar, but what could be more fun than trying new things? Use this day to discover new passions together with your partner. For the nature-loving couple, a great bike ride with a stop at a pub or an adventurous car ride to an unknown place with a sweet picnic, for example, is perfect. However, you can also experience a lot from home. Try out a new recipe, create a painting together, do couple yoga, design your own spa area in the bathroom and much more... Enjoy the togetherness and escape from everyday life for a day - it will be worth it!

Valentine's Day gift overrated?

But what about gifts? The old tradition of giving your partner a small gift on Valentine's Day will of course remain! You can't go wrong with the Engelsrufer jewellery, because there is something for everyone. In keeping with the theme, there is the rose gold Tree of Life watch with a high-quality band made of Italian nubuck leather. The tree of life stands for peace and endless love. As it grows with you, it keeps you away from all evil. Combined with the silver heart bracelet, it creates a simple elegant look and enhances your entire outfit. Our adorable pieces of jewellery with hearts give you affection and support. The power of love is the strongest among them, because it knows no boundaries and lasts forever. Not enough accessories yet? The Engelsrufer heart pendant to open is something very special. You can wear this individual piece of jewellery for pictures, wishes or delicate engraving to keep your loved ones very close to you.

Would you like to find out more about the jewellery? Then discover more here and give it to yourself or your loved one(s):

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