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Love is ... joie de vivre

Love is ... joie de vivre
Not everyone has a partner on Valentine's Day - singles are forgotten on this day, but that has now come to an end! What you can do as a single person on this day to not feel alone can be discovered here.

How singles enjoy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has a huge presence because everywhere you look you see hearts, flowers and happy couples. For some singles this is very depressing, but if you are single then this is the perfect article for you to make you feel better.
Being single is not a bad thing at all... After all, everything in life has its pros and cons. As a single person, you can save money on this day, for example, because you don't have to give anyone a present. You have your money for yourself and can now invest it elsewhere, in things that are important to you. This day offers you the perfect opportunity to spend time with yourself and to give yourself appreciation. Indulge in what you enjoy most, read a book, take a bubble bath, order your favourite food or watch your favourite movie.
But best of all: friends! Invite your best friend over and enjoy the time together. In other countries, friends give each other presents on Valentine's Day. This tradition should also exist here, so give your best friend a little something to reward her reliability and loyalty. The jewellery from Engelsrufer is the best choice. Either you opt for the personal version with our initial necklaces or you go in the simple direction with our Flower of Life articles. The letter necklace represents your individuality and is considered a perfect timeless and filigree piece of jewellery. The heart-shaped Flower of Life necklace goes perfectly with both the Flower of Life bracelet and the Flower of Life ear stud. The combination of gold and silver makes for a special eye-catcher and underlines your femininity. The filigree heart is a symbol of purity, innocence and love. The meeting of the Flower of Life and the heart creates a symbolic symbiosis that will always support you.

If you no longer feel alone, then give yourself or your best friend a little present and discover more jewellery from us here:

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