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Jewellery Trends 2020

Jewellery Trends 2020
In terms of jewellery, there are great new trends in 2020! In addition to the trend towards hoop earrings, mother-of-pearl jewellery- many other accessories are also very trendy.

Beautiful jewellery that is also trendy enhances every look perfectly. Whether necklaces, bracelets, rings or watches Engelsrufer jewellery items matching the current trends.

Hoop Earrings as Jewellery Trend 2020

The comeback of the 2000s. The hoop does not necessarily have to be round, it can also be half-open or decorated with beautiful pendants. The Engelsrufer hoop earrings are available in many different variations. Simple, thinner, wider, with zirconia stones or in a marcasite look. One of the novelties are the Engelsrufer hoop earrings with pendants. With a silver delicate angel, the tree of life and the symbols as love, faith, hope.

Jewellery Trends 2020

Mother of pearl in different variations

 Also this year mother-of-pearl jewellery is indispensable. The mother-of-pearl look gives jewellery a noble touch and goes well with various timeless outfits. The natural inner life of shells is processed into great mother-of-pearl and therefore it just looks great! Not only in jewellery but also on the dial of watches or as a sound ball for our interchangeable jewellery pieces such as the Engelsrufer, the Tear of Heaven and Paradise, mother-of-pearl makes itself just perfect.

Layering look with various chains

Matching the still trendy layering look, the anchor chains are very popular. Different lengths of the Engelsrufer necklaces create a harmonious overall look. Whether chains with pendants or simply with large links. The Layering Look with link chains pimp every outfit and is considered a perfect accessory. Matching the layering look, ball chains, Korean chains or diamond chains can also be used. The motto: Different types of chains make the look more interesting and can be combined as desired.

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