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Jewellery in the trend colour blue

Jewellery in the trend colour blue
Blue is the ultimate colour this year. Whether light or dark blue, according to the Executive Director of the colour institute Pantone, blue challenges us to broaden our horizons, to think more clearly, to take in new perspectives and to communicate freely and impartially. At the same time, the reflective blue tone also conveys optimism and joie de vivre.

The current trend colour 2020: beautiful classic blue!

Even Engelsrufer can go with the current colour trend! Whether pieces of jewellery with blue power stone, sparkling zirconia stones in blue or with enamel. Our blue pieces of jewellery simply fit to all outfits and of course wear the strong Engelsrufer symbolism as usual.

Ocean Blue

Our Ocean Blue jewellery reflects the soul. The jewellery is set with 163 synthetic zirconia stones and is as mysterious and deep as an ocean. The beautiful necklace, the matching bracelet and the earrings are designed in the motif of the protecting eye. It guides and protects you on all your ways and lets you see the world with truth and wisdom. The necklace is adjustable in two lengths, as is the bracelet. The earrings have a diameter of 11mm and look beautiful in combination with the blue chain and the Lucky Eye bracelet.

 Engelsrufer Jewellery Blue

Bright Galaxy

Also the beautiful Engelsrufer Cosmo symbols in a round pendant look perfect in every season. The Cosmo collection is also available as a set. The Cosmo necklace comes with earrings and a bracelet. The collection is also available with silver zirconia stones. Our cosmos opens up to you and is ready for you, full of possibilities and shine. Enjoy life with peace and strength and experience every moment as something unique.

Powerful Stones Lapis lazuli and blue agate

The Powerful Stone collection captivates in harmony with nature. The blue agate and lapis lazuli surround you as Powerful Stones with their aura and energy. The Powerful Stones fit perfectly in the silver basket as a pendant and look very special. The lapis lazuli which stands for trust and wisdom is dark blue. The blue agate is light blue and can promote health and balance.


You can buy Engelsrufer Powerful Stones here:

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