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Jewellery for the whole family

Jewellery for the whole family
Mother and daughter friends for life. From birth, a mother stands by her child and accompanies it on its path through life. Her love gives support and security. She also teaches to give love, because if your child is doing well, a mother also radiates.

To carry the love for his children symbolically, Engelsrufer offers my boy, my girl necklaces. The pendants in the shape of a little girl or a little boy, provide a special eye-catcher and always remind us of our little ones, which we like to wear so close to our hearts. My boy, my girl necklaces can also be engraved individually and are therefore even more expressive. The pieces of jewellery are made of the highest quality 925 sterling silver alloy and offer a pleasant wearing comfort.

my girl my boy necklaces

Carry your family very close to your heart. Your children accompany you every day, give you love and give you protection and support. The medallions can also be individually engraved or decorated with pictures of your little ones and loved ones. So you always have them with you - very close to your heart.
Because the medallion holds them and accompanies you through all hurdles and situations in life.

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