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Hand of the Fatima Jewellery

Hand of the Fatima Jewellery
The symbol of the hand of Fatima is a special talisman for women. Even in the western world, pieces of jewellery with symbolism such as the Hand of Fatima have arrived and are considered a fashionable accessory.

The hand of Fatima is an Islamic symbol that carries a special meaning. The hand of Fatima, which is also called Khamsa or Hamsa, means translated "five fingers". The pendants with the symbol of the hand of Fatima, keep all evil away from you and protect you from dark forces. The open hand of Fatima gives happiness and strength, as the blessing symbolism stands for generosity and compassion. The hand of Fatima is available as a pendant for begging bracelets, as a chain, as a pendant or as a stretch bracelet with rose quartz, moonstone or labradorite. The hand of Fatima convinces in silver, gold and rosé as a pendant.

Pendant Hand of Fatima

Hand of fatima necklace


The hand of Fatima is a mystical sign of the cultures in Islam. It is a kind of lucky charm for strength and blessing. The Arabic name refers to the open hand with five pointing fingers up or down. Fatima stands for the veneration as a virgin without sins. As the mother of all descendants of Mohammed, it stands for purity.

The hand of Fatima is available in silver, gold, rosé and in marcasite look as a pendant.

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