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Engelsrufer Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Engelsrufer Wedding Jewellery Ideas
The wedding should be the most beautiful day in life. It is planned in detail and all around. Whether Boho wedding, the classic wedding or quite unusual. Think about flower decorations, wedding gift ideas, wedding gifts, wedding cake, hair decoration and wedding table decoration.

Bridesmaids gift ideas

But the most important thing is the bride herself. On the day of the wedding she is supported by her maids of honor and bridesmaids of honor wherever possible. Of course they should look beautiful.

We offer you gift ideas for your bridesmaids and maids of honor, which you can wear together and which fit in every budget. Because not only the bridesmaids' evening gowns are the most important thing, but also the jewellery and accessories. Whether bracelets, rings or hoop earrings - the bridesmaids have to appear immediately to draw attention to the bride.

For a religious wedding, chains with an intense meaning are of course perfectly suitable. Whether simple cross necklace or with beautiful zirconia stones. They decorate every neck and are suitable for this special occasion.

Also the flower bracelets are great gift ideas for bridesmaids. The tree of life symbol brings peace, blessing and endless love into your life. The Tree of Life grows with your life stages and keeps all evil away from you. The jewellery pieces are impossible to beat in their variety and therefore perfect guest gifts or accessories for your bridesmaids.

Jewellery for the bride

Earrings or hoop earrings are especially effective with pinned up hairstyles. Narrow or wider hoop earrings are real eye-catchers, especially if they are set with sparkling round zirconia stones. Other jewellery with meaning are also perfect for your wedding. The Paradise is for example your personal talisman that protects you especially on this day. It absorbs all your experiences and tells your very personal story. Its sound soothes and provides harmony and balance. Especially when you are excited and nervous on the day of your wedding, the Paradise provides inner peace.

 Engelsrufer Bride Ideas Jewellery

To give the bridesmaids an accessory that goes wonderfully with all outfits, are the Engelsrufer Summer Special Rings. These are adjustable in size and convince with symbols like the flower of life, beautiful gems, wings or heart symbols.


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