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Engelsrufer charm bracelets and matching charms

Engelsrufer charm bracelets and matching charms
Pendants for charm bracelets can be used individually. Charms in silver, gold and rosé immediately transform your charm bracelet or any other chain into something special.

Charm bracelets are perfect companions

Charm bracelets are perfect companions, because whether heart charm, wing charm, Engelsrufer charm, tree of life charm or protective symbols like the angel - the filigree pendants make every Engelsrufer jewellery piece unique.

Engelsrufer offers charm bracelets for women with a variety of pendants. Through the different shapes and colours, you have countless possibilities to individualize your charm bracelet.

Our new charm pendants include motifs such as cross, heart and anchor, which represent faith, love and hope and are convincing in wonderful tricolour. Among the Engelsrufer novelties are also charms with world symbol or lotus blossoms with or without zirconia stones. Also, the compass rose with great enamel is now available as a pendant for your charm bracelet.

Charm Bracelet Engelsrufer

With the large selection of Engelsrufer charms, the pendants can be used in many different ways depending on your mood. The great charms can also be attached to any chain to create a new look. On shorter and longer chains, on chains with links or filigree - with the right charms every outfit can be individualized.


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