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Creoles now fashionable again - the trend from the 90s is back

Creoles now fashionable again - the trend from the 90s is back
Be it a classic Creole or something different like a Creole with pendants and charms: this summer, Creoles are back in fashion. The hip Creole Insta look can be easily styled with our Engelsrufer Creole Lilangel or Tree of Life.

Creoles in silver are the perfect jewelry for every occasion:

The creoles in silver radiate pure femininity, elegance and purity and give their wearer shining youth. For those who like it a little more timeless and simple, we offer a large selection of silver hoop earrings in different sizes and variations.

Engelsrufer hoop earrings



Creole Vintage

With our Engelsrufer Creole Lisa with marcasite you can follow the hip vintage trend and pair it with a variety of other pieces from our vintage collection. The vintage look never goes out of fashion. Classic designs meet ancient marcasite variations made of pyrite. Pyrite is a classic healing stone that supports body and soul in regeneration. It gives new hope, optimism and emotional richness. With the black stones and dark zirconia the creoles look vintage and give a special dark shimmer.

Our Creole styling guide for you

You can find answers to your questions about the Creole Trend here:
How to wear hoop earrings: The hoop earrings with pendants can be perfectly combined with our simple silver hoop earrings or even smaller earrings. If you like it more simple you can also wear the hoop earrings separately.
Whom do hoop earrings suit?: hoop earrings flatter the face and emphasize the female features and are therefore the perfect jewelry for every type!
Our styling tip for you: with pinned up hair or a ponytail the creoles are especially beautiful.
How big should Creoles be?:  With long hair, hoop earrings with a large diameter work best because smaller ones sink easily. For short hairstyles you can use smaller filigree creoles as well as large creoles for your self-confident statement look.
How do you close the creoles?: Our angel caller hoop earrings are easy to close with a clip- or push-fit fastener.



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