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A watch as a perfect summer accessory

A watch as a perfect summer accessory
The paradisiacal variety of colours on the dial is the perfect motif for summer 2020! Feel the breath of nature and dive into the summertime. Can you feel the warm sun already on your skin? We at Engelsrufer have your perfect summertime accessory.

Time for a changeover - Time for summer

We know that in the summer months not only beautiful sunshine is announced, often enough rain ruins the good mood. With our watches we want to make every rainy day more beautiful, because summer is when you laugh anyway. Our watches for ladies meet every taste with their variety of colours and materials. The mother-of-pearl dial is surrounded by precious gold, classic silver or modern rose gold.

Summer blue, subtle pink - easy changing of the watch straps

A wristwatch quickly becomes a habit, one feels a little naked when there is nothing on the wrist. The quick-release system allows you to change the strap of your watch at your whim. A watch bracelet in cool blue is currently very trendy. On summery tanned skin, watch straps in delicate pink shades look wonderful. While the leather watch straps in trendy colours transform the watch into a colourful eye-catcher, stainless steel in silver and gold radiates a simple elegance.

Summer symbols on the dial

Since ancient times the colibri has been a symbol for sun and love, in the rainbow look it makes a statement, attracts all eyes. The turquoise watch strap made of genuine leather reminds of wonderfully cool waves that leave their mark on white sandy beaches. The dream of every summer! A fantastic combination is also a less colourful dial with a fresh bracelet in coral nubuck leather.

Engelsrufer statement watches

How wide should the strap be?

A narrow watch strap (12-14mm) is best suited to a narrow wrist - but a large, colourful dial with a slightly wider watch strap is also very attractive!

We love colourful watches!

Wear your Engelsrufer statement watch, put the focus entirely on your wrist or combine it with other matching jewellery from our collections.

Create your very own look, whether simple or striking.

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